Wait… it’s 2024 already?! An Update

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2 min readJan 20, 2024


I’ll be honest and confess that I completely forgot about sharing my reviews over her on Medium. I lost momentum writing new reviews in general back in 2021… I came back strong during the 2021 Christmas season — but disappeared again for all of 2022 until Christmas yet again. Sadly 2023 was even worse off for writing new queer film reviews.

However… That does NOT mean that I disappeared entirely!

Throughout all of this, I have been publishing monthly round-up posts of queer films. Each of these “5 Queer ??? Films” posts focused on a specific genre or theme — and each film noted got a short paragraph “review” of my quick thoughts.

Additionally, on Christmas Day in 2022, I launched my “Queer Films, Shorts, & Series Database”. This has massively grown as I slowly add all of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, & questioning/queer films to create a unique database for everyone to explore.

So while I may not have written any new queer film or short reviews to share on Medium, I have been quite busy working on other writings!

As I’m working hard to get back to writing new queer film & short reviews for 2024, I’ve decided to share more of my writings over here.

I’ll start with all of the queer Christmas film & short reviews from 2022 & 2023. Yes, I know that they’ve already been published on my main site, QueerFilmReviews.com, but hey — if you haven’t seen it over there yet, then it’ll still be “new” for you here!

So I don’t bombard you with a slew of reviews and then disappear again, I’ll likely drip these reshare reviews over the next few months. That way, as I write & share new content on Medium, it can blend in and create a nice mix of new and old.

I can also start publishing the monthly posts over here as well, once I can figure out a good post layout template for Medium. Again, there will be a mix of new & old until I can get caught up over here on Medium.

If everything works as planned, you’ll start getting regular content from me here on Medium each month! Fingers crossed that I can make it work and not become overwhelmed…

But here’s to 2024 and fresh “new” beginnings!

(Yes, I realize that that is extremely cheesy! Too bad!)



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